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Hand made, intuitively inspired magical creations for the everyday dreamer. 


Colleen O'Neill

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What started as a random pottery class has now blossomed into CollDoll Creations - where creativity, imagination and a little bit of magic turned into one off, magical creations infused with healing, love and positive vibes. Most pieces are intuitively inspired and channeled via my Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other cosmic beings ♡

One of a kind, custom creations made in rural New South Wales. While my 1st love is ceramics and clay, I have also embraced creations which require knotting, twisting and braiding wire, cords, crystals and gems. All creations are infused with love, and positive vibes. As above, all creations are unique, and no two products are identical ♡  

Ceramic products have all been hand built, glazed and twice kiln fired. All ceramic products are either completely glazed (ceramic ware), unglazed (bisque ware) or a mixture of both. Unfortunately, I currently do not have suitable space for a kiln, but will be returning to ceramics in 2024 ♡

Enquiries for personalised products are always welcomed!! Contact me to collaborate on something special you have in mind:

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At CollDoll Creations, I strive to do my best to help Mother Earth and minimise waste. I love to reuse shipping boxes, I love love LOVE HeapsGood Packaging hex wrap and packing tape which are both compostable and recyclable ♡


Orange NSW Australia

Orange, NSW, Australia